Monday, January 09, 2006

its monday..

yea so lets c...um..nothing has been happening... umm...friday is the last day of the grading period so that means we switch electives..i go from first period study hall to ag. carpentry..then i go from here to pilon study hall...should b fun! well umm...grade cards go out next wed. so im really scared..i have 4 c's 2 b's and an a..its bad..well im gonna go since the bell is gonna ring bye
<3 Tess

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

back to school

well break is over..im sad..i got ungrounded over break pretty fun...well i spent most of the time with Justice but when he went snowboarding then i was with Kylen..well i went to 3 different movies over break..they were all pretty good but idk fun with dick and jane wasnt the best but o well....well lets c..for christmas i got new shoes pretty dang sweet...then i got clothes..and $100 from my grandma..nothing else exciting then a couple days after christmas me and Justice exchanged gifts..i got him an mp3 player and a cd...then he got me a really cute shirt from hollister along with a tank top for under it..then he got me the notebook since i always want to watch it hehe then he got me the relient k cd and stuff from bath and body works... so yea.. well lets c nothing else happened...hmm..who knows..well i have spent a lot of time out at the barn working so my fee for Youth show isnt that high...only a couple months away! yay...hmm..so its 2006 now crazy..but o well so for new years i went to my friends house with Justice and we hung out there while the parents went out to eat then we watched the ball drop and we played pool a lot..Justice finally beat me :'-( who knows im still killing him hehe.... 4-2 lol well im gonna go work on the other stuff..much love bye

<3 Tess

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hey hey

well today is a good day for me..idk why but it is...and i have MOLLIE back!! yay!! well i love her and jazzifizzle too...they are pretty sweet girls...well nothing has happened today...we might have a delay or closing tomorrow cuz we are supposed to get REALLY bad weather tonight..but i guess we will c...well im bored of typing so im out later..
<3 tess

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

hey guys

well i havent updated in a while so im going to...well nothing has been happening im grounded again as always....now i have to wait to use the phone or pc till jan. 5 it sucks..well im bored of typing so im out...much love bye
<3 Tess

Thursday, December 08, 2005


well lets c..im grounded for about a month mayb 2 so it sucks...tonight i get to hang out with Justice at the grls bball game so im excited!! um..i got a B- on my french test yesterday so i was happy bout that..then we got interims yesterday too..not the best i have done..i got 2 D's 3 C's a B and 2 A's...but o well... well that pic is something i got off of the fairbanks site..thats us all in DC...what a fun trip! well im out cuz im bored of typing..much love

<3 Tess

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ugh ugh ugh

wow what an eventful night..not gonna say anything about it but o well...never been that scared in my life...well lets see nothing happened at school anytime...we got a ton of projects to do now and its sucks so bad! ugh...im tired of high school it sucks soooooo bad!! well bell is gonna ring bye bye

Monday, December 05, 2005

ugh its monday

so yea..this weekend was pretty much fun! on Friday i went to the movies with Justice!! we went and saw mine yours and ours..it was really cute..but the theatre was REALLY packed..it was to the point where ppl were standing up...it was crazy...then on sat. my parents left at around 8:30 and they woke me up at like 8 it was crazy!! then i got ready and then Justice and his mom came and got me around 12:40 or something like that...then we went to the mall and walked around for like ever it was crazy!! then we left at like 3:30 or something and headed back to his house. Then we hung out for a bit then went downstairs and played pool...pretty funny...i was like losing BIG time..and then i came back and won..haha and the funny part was he wasnt trying to do the stupid thing of "your my g/f so im gonna let you win" then we went upstairs and his dad wanted to take pics of us...wasnt all that thrilled but o well...then after some time we went to the stockyard for dinner it was pretty good...havent eaten there before..then i saw Kylen cuz she was working and she gave me like a huge hug and i almost fell out of the seat lol it was funny...then we went to west coast video and rented Notebook (i finally talked him into watching it with me hehe) then we went back to his house and i met his grandpa then we went downstairs and watched the movie...it was really messed up so we barely got to watch it cuz it skipped around and then it didnt show the ending..but o well..then around 11:10 his mom took me home and Justice got out of the car and my driveway was like a sheet of ice and he almost fell it was funny lol..then i got out and jumped to the grass...then he walked me up to the porch and we said bye... :'-( i was sad..then i didnt do anything the rest of the night and then sunday i didnt do anything except talk to Justice on the phone most of the day...now today we took a science test and i have a french test too..ugh it sucks..well im tired of typing so im OUT...later
<3 Tess